Bon Plan Apple: exceptional promotion on used MacBook Pro on FNAC

Before the summer sales, you want to invest in a high-performance computer with excellent autonomy? Good news, the FNAC is currently offering flash sales on a selection of used 13-inch and 15-inch Mac Book Pro. Very interesting discounts not to be missed!

See the discounts on used MacBook Pro at FNAC For many years, the MacBook Pro has been a real powerhouse: whether it’s for people who use it only as a work tool or for those who use it to run editing or play gourmet video games, this little gem from Apple adapts to absolutely any situation! And good news, FNAC is currently offering discounts on a selection of used 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro MacBooks:

Be careful not to misunderstand! Second hand doesn’t mean bad condition, quite the contrary: FNAC assures you that the products shown above have all been reconditioned and come with all their accessories, and for your peace of mind, these MacBook Pro are all guaranteed for 6 months.

Our favourite: the Mac Book Pro 15 inch 1TB

See the discount on the MacBook Pro 15.4” inches 1Tb on the FNAC The MacBook Pro 15.4” inches 1Tb has undoubtedly been designed to push Apple’s limits! And for good reason, with its 16 GB of RAM and its 1TB SSD storage capacity, it is one of Apple’s most powerful models. Here are the features of the MacBook Pro 15.4″ 1TB:

You can find the used MacBook Pro 15.4 ” inch 1TB on the FNAC at only 1679.90 euros instead of 3590.52 euros, a reduction of 1910 euros!

Other great discounts on 13-inch MacBook Pro

It’s not just the MacBook Pro 15.4” Inch 1TB that offers superb performance! The 13.3″ MacBook Pro, although it offers a smaller screen area, also has some great features.

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